Day Camp 2011 — Be a Hero/Heroine

August 22-25, 2010 are the dates. (This is a date change)

Place is Shively Park in Astoria.

Kids who have finished kindergrten through 5th grade are invited to attend. Please pray for us as we plan and dream.

Home made lunches and snacks will nourish our bodies.
Bible stories and prayer will nourish our faith.

Day Camp is an opportunity for children to spend four days singing, playing, acting, touching and living the truths about living in God’s world in their own “language”—the active lifestyle of young children who have completed kindergarten through 5th grade! Your children are invited to come and explore with us!

Through games, arts, music, theatre, Bible story time, and lots of plain fun, your children will experience the joy of leaning about how we can be blessings (or heros) to other people. Our trained volunteers are committed to making this a very special week!

If you would like to know more about our program, please feel free to call our church office at (503) 325-5454 for more information. Cost is $20 per child. Scholarships are available.

Day Camp 2010 Report – Breakthrough to New Life

21 kids climbed the hill at Shively Park to make crafts and gifts, play games and hear stories about Jesus telling stories and interacting with unexpected people – people not part of “acceptable” society. We were challenged to increase the number of people inside our circle and consider that maybe God does not want anyone left out.

On Wednesday we visited Astor House, an assisted living facility. We sang songs and delivered gifts to the residents. The kids were awesome! Thursday was the trolley ride and last day of a successful day camp. 25 adults helped on site. Another 10 were active behind-the-scene supporters. Blessings to all who attended or supported us with time, gifts and prayer.

Day Camp 2009—Handle with Care
24 kids participated in our 2009 Day Camp. Base Camp was Shively Park in Astoria. We had two field trips where we looked at God’s creation at Fort Clatsop and along the Columbia River.