What are Chemicals?

The definition of a chemical is an artificial form of substance having similar property properties and chemical makeup, with constant chemical makeup. A few references indicate that chemical substances cannot be broken down to its constituent components by mechanical separation methods, i.e. without breaking a chemical bond. In fact, the chemistry of chemicals is quite complicated and has not been simplified since its discovery is still incomplete.

It is common to discover in various forms of materials, and also in the environment, different chemical substances with different properties and characteristics. There are a large number of chemicals which can be found in nature; but there are also certain chemicals which are synthetic in nature. Many of these natural chemicals are found in plants and their derivatives such as water, air, and food stuff. Other than those which can be found in nature, there are also some which have been synthesized in laboratories, and even in other countries.

Various chemical substances in the environment can be identified in different forms, which can be organic or inorganic. In most cases the nature of a chemical substance depends on the types of organisms that use it. Some common chemical substances in plants are carbohydrates, proteins, and chlorophyll. Another common chemical substance in plants is nitrogen.

Another category of chemical substances are the environmental chemicals. There are many of them, and they include chlorine and pesticides which are used by animals in the wild for cleaning. There are many types of drugs, medicines, and other pharmaceutical products which are found in nature, but which are made synthetically in laboratories for use in humans. Pharmaceuticals also have another classification based on their chemical constituents.

Biological compounds are substances that are naturally present in the environment and in various forms of life. The most common ones are vitamins and minerals, but there are a number of other chemical substances also. Some examples of these are water, air, and food stuff which are available in abundance. Some chemicals are present in our body system, and some are present in natural water which we get in some part of our body, but are not found in other places of our body.

Some of these chemicals are important in our bodies because of their role in making the process of digestion, metabolism, cell maintenance and immunity of our body, and absorption of nutrients into our body. These chemicals also help in our growth and development.

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